Dr. Nicole A. Jones is an entrepreneur, creative writer and published author of over fifty fiction and non fiction books. She initially began her professional career in health services at the age of 15 years old, volunteering at a local hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, delivering flowers and cards to patients. But by the end of her tenure, she had advanced to the Surgery Department, sanitizing medical instruments and observing surgical procedures. At the age of 17 years old. Dr. Jones graduated from high school as a Certified Nurse’s Aide. She continued her health educational pursuits at Dillard University in New Orleans, where she performed her internships at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. It was in the center’s Department of Medicine: Section of Infectious Diseases, she was hired to complete a health study, because of her diligence and proven dedication to the mission.

In 2004, while seeking new direction for her career, Dr. Jones took the Louisiana State Civil Service Exam and received recognition for achieving the highest score on the Louisiana State Civil Service Office Skills Exam, which ultimately influenced her decision to transition into the field of Business Administration. Dr. Jones continued her work in public health before transitioning into Business Administration in 2008. 

In 2009, Dr. Jones started writing as an outlet to relieve herself of the pain after the loss of her dad but over time had accumulated hundreds of writing in the form of poems, songs and journals. She would later establish her own publishing company (En Prose Publications), record label (ENMUS) and business development firm Alpha Business Development Advisors). 

When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer. I walk through the storms of life with my eyes opened. I not only know what fear, pain, anxiety, hurt feel like, I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds and rain and dark clouds I write. I write through my tears because I know that in the end that I will not only have the ability to relate but have the ability to explain the measures I took to get out of it.”

She adds, “I am not a storm chaser. I do not go looking for storms but if I happen to become caught in one, I try to benefit from it.” She concludes, “Personal failure and personal difficulties can be outstanding resources in our lives but it is the way we employ them that determines if we excel forward or remain stagnant.”

Dr. Jones earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Dillard University and her her Master's and Doctorate degrees in Business Administration. 

She enjoys reading, writing, participating in community outreach activities and spending time with her family.

For information about En Prose Publications, ENMUS, and Alpha Business Development Advisors, please visit www.enprose.org, www.emus.org, www.abdallc.org



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The rough and violent areas of K Street were no place a kid should be left alone, but for fifteen-year-old Micah Tate, it was home. It was never a fit for him, but he fought to survive in it as long as he could. He maneuvered through its courtyards and learned to live in it. When Micah's only options in life became to go prison for a long time or become the property of the state, he willingly submitted to a new life and direction. 

Still reeling from the sudden passing of his wife, Mr. Rudolph Pfeiffer, a seventy-seven-year-old fearless, no-nonsense leader hesitantly takes in the teen. Micah was tough, but Mr. Pfeiffer was tougher. Micah was not afraid to stand up for himself nor speak his mind, but neither was Mr. Pfeiffer. When their toughness clashed, Mr. Pfeiffer never backed down, and his hardness prevailed over Micah every time. But when their roughness matched, it was the perfect element to build a solid bond between the two of them.

Micah moved away from K street, but it was Mr. Pfeiffer's guidance, patience, and lessons on unfairness, economic disadvantages, and relationships that taught Micah how to live beyond it. 

Despite the infuriating meddling from Micah's past, Mr. Pfeiffer never gave up on him. Despite threats to Micah's future, Mr. Pfeiffer was a shield for him. And although Mr. Pfeiffer greatly missed and longed to be with his late wife of five decades, he focused on Micah and was proud to see him grow into the strong, resilient and intelligent young man he raised him to become. 


The Voiceless Stories of Miss Ada

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In this engaging tale, Miss Lucille stirs her family’s emotions by telling the story of a lady named Miss Ada. For decades, Miss Lucille recited the narrative of Miss Ada to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. However, rumors began to swirl that the tale was filled with a deep, dark past, and many of the children in the room were seeds of them. At a pivotal point in Miss Lucille’s life, the family came together to uncover the secrets of Miss Ada, to determine which parts of the story are truly Miss Ada and which aspects are those of her descendants. “The Voiceless Stories of Miss Ada” are the untold occurrences hidden in the generations of Miss Ada, desperately begging for a voice to be heard. Join Miss Lucille’s family in their search to unveil the truth.


My Black History

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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.



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I Can is a fun book that introduces children to new words. In this book, children are encouraged to reach their goals and build their vocabulary through repetition. I Can allows children repeat words and then build the words they may frequently use.


Keep Thy Foot

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In this delightful Sunday school setting, children learn how they should behave when they go to places of worship.


The Loud Librarian

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Children learn a valuable lesson about the library when they enter and encounter a very loud librarian. Read how the children deal with the noise in the library while also learning a little more about the library than expected.